Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars (ADTS) - Overview

The Scholars program was initiated in August 2004 to reward our most effective educators and to utilize their expertise to advance the vision of scholarly excellence and faculty enhancement at the University of Florida. Academy members serve as advisors to the Associate Provost for three years and assist the Associate Provost in developing programs and promoting policies that enhance the professional careers and experiences of faculty. Their mission is to develop and recommend implementation of policies that enhance the University of Florida's ability to continuously improve its high level of academic excellence. Academy members also promote a university-wide discourse on key issues surrounding the integration of teaching and research at the University. After completing their three-year terms on the advisory board, members retain the title of Distinguished Teaching Scholar and continue to be a part of the Academy. An honorarium of $3,000 per year (total of $9,000) disbursed to a discretionary account is awarded to each Scholar for their service.


Applicants must be tenured UF faculty who hold at a minimum, the rank of Associate Professor (minimum of 5 years).

Selection Criteria and Process

Application Process