Senate Steering Committee

Appointment:  The Steering Committee shall consist of 11 voting members. The Chair of the Senate, the Chair Elect of the Senate and the Past Chair of the Senate shall be members. Three at large members, who at the time of their election shall be voting members of the Senate, shall serve for staggered three-year terms with one or more persons being elected annually. The chairs of the five Senate Policy Councils shall serve as members of the Steering Committee. The University President and Provost are nonvoting members and shall receive notice of, and have the right of the floor at all Steering Committee meetings. The Secretary of the Senate and Senate Parliamentarian are nonvoting members and serve as staff to the Steering Committee.

Chair:  The Chair of the Senate shall be the Chair of the Steering Committee.


The Steering Committee is the executive committee of the Faculty Senate.  It advises the Chair of the Faculty Senate on all matters, including issues brought to its attention from outside the Senate's or administration's formal structure.   The Steering Committee shall determine the agenda for each meeting of the Senate. It shall provide for reporting to the Senate by administrative officers, by the chair(s) of councils and committees, and by individuals. It coordinates, reviews, and refers actions and proposals from Senate and Joint Committees and from the Administration. The Steering Committee also refers matters to the Senate Policy Councils and accepts reports and recommendations from the Senate Policy Councils and committees for Senate action. Where appropriate, the Steering Committee can direct a matter to the combined attention of two or more Senate Policy Councils.  The Senate Steering Committee shall be responsible for establishing the procedure for voting.

Term:  3 years, staggered

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