Commencement Committee

Appointment:  By Provost via nominations

Chair:  Chief Marshal serves as Chair


  1. Examine and review the present commencement procedures and make recommendations for future commencements.
  2. Make suggestions regarding the number and kind of commencements.
  3. Examine the budgetary implications of any suggested changes in commencement.
  4. Determine what might be done to make commencement more meaningful and significant.
  5. Serve as an executive committee in implementing the ceremonial plans pertaining to all official convocations of the University.
  6. Assure arrangements have been made to inform the faculty regarding an official event.
  7. Serve as directing marshals for lining up of candidates, faculty, platform guests, and directing the line of march.

Term:  Varies / 1 year - student

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October 17, 2017     Agenda  Minutes
February 26, 2018   Agenda  Minutes  
January 22, 2019   Agenda  Minutes
January 27, 2020  Agenda   Minutes
October 23, 2020  Agenda  Minutes
April 9, 2021  Agenda  Minutes
October 18, 2021  Agenda  Minutes
March 18, 2022  Agenda  Minutes
October 28, 2022  Agenda  Minutes
March 31, 2023  Agenda  Minutes
November 28, 2023  Agenda  Minutes


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Commencement Committee Composition Policy
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