University Curriculum Committee - November 16, 2021

The UCC will meet on Tuesday, November 16 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., in the Reitz Union Senate Chambers and via Zoom teleconferencing. 

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1. Approval of minutes. | Dr. Lindner 

2. Update from the Faculty Senate. | Dr. Lindner  

3. Reminder of Common Prerequisite Manual change requests for 2022-2023 need to be approved by UCC no later than May 2022. | Dr. Lindner



4. Proposed to establish Special Purpose Center in Jacksonville- CityLab for College of Design, Construction and Planning | Dr. Gater | 16585

5. Proposed name change to the Department of Otolaryngology, College of Medicine. | Dr. Fantone | 16389

6. Proposed curriculum update to Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science. | Dr. Brendemuhl | 16508

7. Proposed curriculum update to Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. | Dr. Brendemuhl | 16513

8. Proposed elimination of specializations within the Forest Resources and Conservation Major. | Dr. Brendemuhl | 16478

9. Proposed curriculum change to Family, Youth and Community Services Minor. | Dr. Brendemuhl | 16471

10. Proposed reduction of credit requirement for Nonprofit Organizational Leadership Minor. | Dr. Brendemuhl | 16291

11. Proposed addition of Entomology and Nematology as UF Online Minor. | Dr. Brendemuhl | 16450

12. Proposed addition of Pathogenesis Minor via UF Online. | Dr. Brendemuhl | 16688

13. Proposed addition of existing Digital Arts and Sciences Minor via UF Online. | Dr. Setlow | 16467

14. Proposed adjustment to distribution requirement within the Philosophy Minor. | Dr. Spillane | 16045


Academic Assessment Committee  

15. Notice of items from the Academic Assessment Committee (information only). 


Graduate School 

16. Notice of items from the Graduate School (information only). | Stacy Wallace




17. Notice of new graduate certificates (information only). 

18. Notice of changes to graduate certificates (information only). 



19. Proposed new undergraduate certificates. 

20. Proposed changes to undergraduate certificates. 



21. Proposed new professional certificates. 

22. Proposed changes to professional certificates. 




23. Proposed new undergraduate courses. 

Agricultural and Life Sciences

Liberal Arts and Sciences

24. Proposed changes to undergraduate courses. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Public Health and Health Professions



25. Proposed new professional courses

26. Proposed changes to professional courses.



27. Proposed new joint courses. 

28. Proposed changes to joint courses. 



29. Proposed new 5000 level courses. 

30. Proposed changes to 5000 level courses. 



29. Notice of new graduate courses (information only). 


30. Notice of changes to graduate courses (information only).