University Curriculum Committee

Appointment:  The President or the President’s designee shall appoint 12 voting members from the majority of baccalaureate degree-granting colleges within the University. The Senate shall elect twelve voting members from the faculty at large. Student Government shall select three non-voting members.

Chair:  A chair is appointed by the President or the President’s designee. A co-chair who shall have the right to vote shall be elected by and from the Committee Senate representatives.


Committee shall consider all requests for changes in undergraduate curricula or catalog listings, and for the addition of new courses of instruction in any of the colleges, divisions and schools of the University, except the Graduate School. When the question under consideration pertains to a course or courses at the “5000” level, available for graduate major credit, the Committee shall act jointly with the Graduate School. The Committee shall endeavor to eliminate unnecessary proliferation of courses and duplication of subject matter among courses. Ordinarily, the Committee’s decisions on proposals to add courses to the curriculum or to delete courses from the curriculum shall be final, but the department that is offering the course or proposing to offer it, may appeal the Committee’s decision to the Senate. Such an appeal shall be addressed to the Committee, which shall either reverse its earlier decision or ask the Steering Committee to schedule Senate consideration of the appeal. The Committee’s decision on proposals to add, delete, or make changes in programs of instruction leading to undergraduate degrees shall not be a final decision, but shall be submitted to the Senate for final action. When the Committee begins to consider items requiring Senate approval, the Committee’s co-chair shall inform the Chair of the Academic Policy Council.

Term:  3 years for Senate elected members; N/A for those appointed by President and Liaisons; 1 year - student

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Meets 3rd Tuesday, at 1:00 PM,  in Reitz Union Senate Chambers.  (No meetings during summer semester)


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