General Education Committee - Agenda: December 2nd, 2022

General Education Committee Agenda

December 2nd, 2022
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Meeting Location: President's Conference Room- 226, Tigert Hall & via Zoom (upon request)

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  1. Welcome
    • Dr. Lindner
  2. Approval of November minutes.
  3. Course Requests (Quest/GenEd)
  4. Subcommittee Updates
  5. General Discussion





ANT 2140 Introduction to World Archaeology         H & N S. Gillespie
REL 3318: Chinese Religions  H & WR2000 M. Poceski
DAN 1XXX: Body, Self, World: Movement through Lived Experience H & Q1 perm M. Farnum
AMH 1XXX:  Fight For Your Rights: The Long Civil Rights Movement H, D, WR2000, Q1 perm L. Pearlman
SPN 1XXX: Las Americas: Comida y Conflicto H, N, Q1 perm A. Lopez-Mendez
WST 2XXX: Be A Social Justice Activist S, D, Q2 perm K. Broad-Wright