Sustainability Committee

Appointment:  Nineteen members, including eight faculty members elected by the Senate from the faculty at large, seven faculty or staff appointed by the President's designee, and two student members selected by the student government. The director of the Office of Sustainability and an academic officer appointed by the provost serve as nonvoting ex officio members. (19 members)

Chair:  Chair elected by committee. This election will take place during the last meeting of the committee in each spring semester so that committee leadership will be in place at the beginning of the following academic year.


This committee promotes sustainability within the University and in the University's relations with the larger community and seeks to enhance the University's standing as a global leader in sustainability. It assesses the progress of the University of Florida's sustainability efforts as compared to national and international best practices and pursues their implementation when appropriate. It aids in the development of policy with the Office of Sustainability and participates in the annual evaluations of that Office, its director and academic officer.

Term:  3 years, staggered

Short URL:

Meeting Location: via Zoom

Meeting Time: Third Thursday of the month, 12:30PM-2:30PM
Office of Sustainability

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