University Information Technology Committee

Appointment:  Composed of 18 voting members, one member from the University Libraries, one member from the Florida museum, and one from each of the 16 colleges. Voting members will serve three-year terms and shall be nominated by action of the respective faculty assembly. Faculty of all ranks are eligible for membership. The University Chief Information Officer and two appointees of same, shall serve as liaisons to the Committee. Two non-voting student members shall be chosen for one-year terms: one by the Student Government, and one by the Graduate Student Council.

Chair:  Chair is elected by the Committee and will serve a one-year term.


The Committee shall assist University leaders in developing and updating strategic plans for information and communications technology.  The Committee shall advise the Faculty Senate on all information and communications technology, including those matters affecting the University.  The Chief Information Officer or his/her designated liaison shall present matters of policy to the Committee in a timely manner, provide the Committee with pertinent details about information and communications technology network policy changes, and report to the Committee on actions taken in response to the Committee's recommendations.


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