Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Awards Committee

Appointment:  Eight faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate comprise this committee. Members, selected from diverse fields, shall hold the rank of professor (or its equivalent) or above and shall have strong records of teaching and research. (8 members)

Chair:  Elected by committee


The Committee shall formulate principles covering the conferring of honorary degrees by the University and shall initiate or entertain suggestions as to individuals to whom honorary degrees shall be granted.

Term:  3 years, staggered

Short URL:  http://fora.aa.ufl.edu/go/21


Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Awards Protocols

Call for Nominations Forms
October 1  - Call for Nominations Form
March 1 - Call for Nominations Form

Contact Info:
Alice Burns
Office of the President
P.O. Box 113150
Phone: 202-734-2620

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