Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars (ADTS)

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Vision Statement

The Academy believes that original research inspires great teachers and that the challenges of teaching cultivate research. The university must create a habitat where research-whether into the enigmas of quantum mechanics or the beauty of lyric poetry, whether into the distant reaches of philosophy or the secret life of the nematode-provokes the insights of teaching, and where rigorous teaching originates in fresh research. To pass the knowledge of one generation on to the next, the university must foster the research that is the heart of learning. Where the teacher is surprised and enlightened, the student will follow.

Mission Statement

The Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars serves as an advisory group with the mission to develop and recommend implementation of policies that enhance the University of Florida's ability to continuously improve its high level of academic excellence.

Members of the University of Florida Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars are selected based on applications that provide strong evidence of the integration of superior teaching and research and a record of distinguished scholarly accomplishment that has garnered recognition at the national and/or international level.

To assist them in advancing their vision for scholarly excellence and faculty enhancement at UF, these Academy teacher-scholar inductees serve for three years on the advisory board for the Provost's Office. In this capacity they assist in developing programs and promoting policies that enhance the professional careers and experiences of faculty. Academy members also promote a university-wide discourse on key issues surrounding the integration of teaching and research at the University. After completing their three-year terms on the advisory board, members retain the title of Distinguished Teaching Scholar and continue to be a part of the Academy.

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