General Education Committee - Agenda: May 3, 2024

General Education Committee Agenda


                                            May 3, 2024

                                      9:00 am – 10:30 am

                       Meeting Location: Marston Library L136

                                            Zoom Link


1. Welcome

2. Course Requests (Quest/GenEd):

3. Information Items

4. Sub-Committee Updates

5. General Discussion






CLA 3500: Sport and Recreation in the Ancient World

Andrew Wolpert

IDS 2935: Love’s Labor’s Lost? The History and Politics of Care and Caregiving (Quest 2 Temporary)     

Emily Hind

IDS 2935- Is There Culture in Architecture? (Quest 1 Temporary)

Kole Odutola

IDS 2935: Magic and Method in Science (Quest 1 Temporary)

Patrick Scanlon

IDS 1XXX: The Posthuman Condition (Permanent Q1)

Anthony Manganaro

BSC 2XXX: Can we design “better” humans? Should we?  (Permanent Q2)

Brian Harfe


IDS 2935: Messages, Media, and Meaning-Making (Quest 1 Temporary)


Todd Best