General Education Committee - Agenda: March 1, 2013

General Education Committee Agenda

March 1, 2013


 226 Tigert Hall Conference Room


1.  Statewide Core Program

      FINAL State University Feedback

      FL College System Feedback Feb2013 REVISED

      DRAFT PCBill for 2/19/13 HEWS Workshop-1007.25

      6.017 Criteria Baccalaureate Degree 2011

      How should UF structure the remaining 15 or 21 GE credits?

 2.  Assessment Plans

      See the website:

 3.  Innovation Academy and The Good Life Course

       The Good Life requirement was waived for the entering IA class in Spring 2013 – should the waiver be extended?

 4.  Transfer Students and The Good Life Course

       Students who transfer to UF with 60 credits, but without an AA still need to meet our GE requirements. Many colleges and students

       would like to waive The Good Life requirement.

 5.  QEP SLOs

       See the attached document for how the GE and QEP Internationalization SLOs may be aligned:

       Alignment QEP and Gen Ed Internat SLOsBrophy

6.  Modified SLOs and Rubrics - See the attached document:

      Gen Ed SLOs Rubrics Approved GEC v2

7.  Modified SLOs and Definitions of Categories - See the attached document:

     Gen Ed SLOs and Revised Definitions v1d