General Education Committee - Agenda: September 3rd, 2021

General Education Committee Agenda
September 3rd, 2021
9:00 am - 10:30 am
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  1. Welcome back/Introductions
    • Dr. Lindner
  2. Election of Co-Chair
  3. Approval of May minutes.
  4. Course Requests (Quest/GenEd)
  5. Subcommittee Updates & Goals for the New Academic Year
    • Assessment
    • Approval Form
    • Audit
    • Diversity
    • Review
    • Writing
  6. General Discussion





IDS 2935: Migration and Identity (Q1 Temporary)     

H, N, WR2000

P. Janzen

IDS 2935: Changing Clothes: Writing for Sustainability in the Fashion Industry (Quest 2 Temporary)  

S & WR4000

M. Mellon

IDS 2935: Black Women's Work in Film: Agency & Representations of She/Her/Hers (Quest 1 Temporary)

H & N

R. Walker-Canton

IDS 2935: Global Asia (Quest 1 Temporary)     

H, N, WR2000

S. Chang

IDS 2935; The Future of the Dancing Body (Quest 1 Temporary)


J. Frosch

IDS 2935: Music, Robots, Lawyers, and You (Q1 Temporary)


I. Mosley

IDS 2925: What are Plants Talking About? (Quest 2 Temporary)             


S. Martins

IDS 2935: Journalism, Justice and Civic Change (Quest 2 Temporary)

S & WR 4000

F. Lomonte

IDS2935: The Circular Nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic (Q2 Temporary)

S & N

S. Agnelli

IDS 2935: Why Does the Past Matter? (Q2 Temporary)

S & D

M. Lefebvre

IDS 2935: Nature in a Hungry World (Quest 2 Temporary)


M. Leibold

IDS 2935: Stars and the Nuclear Arms Race (Quest 2 Temporary)

P, N, WR 4000

R. Ezzeddine