General Education Committee - Agenda: September 1, 2023

General Education Committee Agenda



September 1, 2023


9:00 am – 10:30 am


Meeting Location: Marston L136




  1. Welcome: Dr. Lindner
    • Introductions
    • Anticipated impacts of SB266 on General Education program at UF
  2. Election of co-chair
  3. Approval of May minutes
  4. Course Requests (Quest/GenEd)
  5. Subcommittee Updates:
    • Audit
    • Assessment
    • Diversity
    • Review
    • Writing
  6. General Discussion







IDS 2935: Siri is My Superpower: Communicating with AI

S, Q2 Temp.

Emily Butler


IDS 2935: Plants for Human Medicine

B, WR 2000, Q2 Temp.

Satya Nadakuduti

IDS 2935: World Agricultural and Enviornmental Policy

S, N, Q2 Temp.

Jared Gars

IDS 2935: US Wildlife Law  

  S, D, Q2 Temp.

Joseph Rivera

IDS 2935: Conformity, Community, & “Cult” Behavior

S, Q2 Temp.

Dennis McCarty

IDS 2935: Algorithms: Uses and Abuses

S, Q2 Temp.

Phillip Boyland

IDS 2935:AI on the Frontlines of a Changing Climate

  P, WR 2000, Q2 Temp.

Emma Mackie

IDS 2935: How Can We Address Global Social Problems?

S, N, Q2 Temp.

Ravi Ghadge

IDS 2935: Freedom and Equality: Great Books from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

H, Q1 Temp.  

Jill Ingram

IDS 2935: Writing Florida

H, D, WR 4000, Q1 Temp.

Kenneth Kidd

IDS 2935: Conflict and Character: Great Books in the Ancient World

H, WR 2000, Q1 Temp.

Jill Ingram

IDS 2935: Domestic Dilemmas: The American 1950s

  H, WR 2000, Q1 Temp.

Marsha Bryant

IDS 2935: God and Science in the Western World

H, WR 2000, Q1 Temp.

Jill Ingram

IDS 2935: Consumer Society            

  H, Q1 Temp.

Susan Hegeman

IDS 2935: Capitalism and Its Critics 

  H, WR 2000, Q1 Temp.

Jill Ingram

IDS 2935: The Nature, Matter, & Agency of Magic

  H, WR 2000, Q1 Temp.

Ashley Jones

IDS 2935: The Social Life of Building

H, D, WR 2000, Q1 Temp.

Efstathios Gerostathopoulous

IDS 2935: Urban Nature and Society

H, Q1 Temp.

Daniel Manley

IDS 2935: For the Culture: Foundations of Black Popular Culture

H, Q1 temp.

Andrew Brown

IDS 2935: The Narrative of Numbers

H, WR 2000, Q1 Temp.

John Streese & Angela Walther

IDS 2935: The Problem of Evil

H, N, WR 2000, Q1 Temp.

Yaniv Felle