General Education Committee - Agenda: May 6th, 2022

General Education Committee Agenda

May 6th, 2022
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Meeting Location: President's Conference Room- 226, Tigert Hall & via Zoom

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  1. Welcome
    • Dr. Lindner
  2. Approval of December & April minutes.
  3. Course Requests (Quest/GenEd)
  4. Subcommittee Updates
    • Assessment
    • Diversity
    • Audit
    • Review
    • Writing
  5. General Discussion





ARC 1XXX – Places and Spaces H, N, Q1P J. Maze
IDS 2334– Chemistry in the Cocina Latina N, P, Q2P G. Lord-Ward
IDS 2935– Can We Design “Better” Humans? Should We? B, N, Q2T B. Harfe
PHI 1XXX–Conflict of Ideas H, WR2000, Q1P G. Witmer
PHI 1XXX– Cultural Animals H, WR2000, Q1P G. Witmer
PHI 1XXX – The Idea of Happiness H, WR2000, Q1P G. Witmer
REL 1XXX– Religious Extremism H, N, Q1P T. Ostebo