General Education Committee - Agenda: February 3rd, 2023

General Education Committee Agenda

February 3rd, 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Meeting Location:  Zoom Only this month

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  1. Welcome
    • Dr. Lindner
  2. January Minutes will be provided at the March meeting.
  3. Course Requests (Quest/GenEd)
  4. Subcommittee Updates
    • Audit
    • Assessment
    • Diversity
    • Review
    • Writing
  5. Information Items:
  6. General Discussion


Title Requesting Submitter
IDS 2935: Story, Rhetoric, and Culture H, Q1T R. Sanchez
IDS 2935: Reimagining Africa H, N, WR2, Q1T A. Sow
IDS 2935: Finding Your Voice in the Era of AI H, D, WR2, Q1T C. Tallon
IDS 2935: Culture and Health      S, N & Q2T A. Hoffman-Ossiboff
IDS 2935: Impact of Materials on Society P & Q2T K. Jones
IDS 2935: The Economics of Eating S, N & Q2T L. Chen
IDS 2935: Going Viral S, N & Q2T M. Ostebo
IDS 2935: Ficciones Humanas S, N, Q2T(?) A. Lopez Sajid
IDS 2935: Robots: Threat or Opportunity S, Q2T F. Binesh
IDS 2935: Exploring Our Genome B, Q2T J. Drew