Graduate Council

Appointment:  Twelve members of the Graduate Faculty, a graduate student elected by the Graduate Student Council, and the Dean of the Graduate School. Six of the twelve faculty members of the Graduate Council shall be elected by the Graduate Faculty for overlapping terms of three years. Each year, the Dean of the Graduate School will appoint a Nominating Committee of no fewer than three members of the Graduate Council. The Nominating Committee will provide a slate of six or more candidates which will be discussed by the members of the Graduate Council who will determine the final slate to be put forth to the Graduate Faculty for a vote. This process will take place before the end of the Spring semester. Following the election, information regarding the entire slate of nominees will be provided to the Provost for consideration as he/she makes additional appointments for the other members of the Graduate Council. The graduate student member of the Graduate Council, who must be a doctoral student, serves a two-year term. During the first year, the student serves as a non-voting alternate member who is expected to attend all meetings and participate in the deliberations. During the second year, the student assumes voting privileges, and a new alternate member is elected by the Graduate Student Council to a two-year term.

Chair:  The Dean of the Graduate School shall serve as Chairperson. In the Dean’s absence, an Associate Dean shall be designated as the Dean’s representative.


Acting as agent of the Graduate Faculty, the Graduate Council assists the dean in the determination and execution of policy related to graduate study and associated research.

Term:  3 years

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Meets every 3rd Thursday, at 1:00 PM, in 110 Grinter Hall.  (No meetings July and August)

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