Workgroup on Distance Education and Self-Funded Programs

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The self funded programs of the University are important vehicles for outreach, access, and revenue. Many of these programs have developed in response to a specific need and as a consequence there are significant variations in the program “packages”. While this diversity is an acceptable attribute of this activity, there are some necessary general requirements to maintain consistency with University goals and objectives. This packet contains the information and forms needed to assure the desired alignment. Please review with care and complete where required.

  1. Report of Workgroup on Distance Education and Self-Funded Programs (PDF)
  2. Guidelines and Application for Proposal of Self-Funded Program (Word)
  3. Guidelines and Application for Start-up Loan (Word)
  4. Application for Approval of Self funded Course (Word)
  5. SACS Report of Substantive Change (PDF)
  6. Guidelines and Applications for Distance Learning Fees for On-line Courses or Sections  

Please note that each of the forms has a set of required signatures which must be obtained before implementation. Contact Dr. Andy McCollough or Dr. Brian Marchman if you have any questions.

Please be sure to print this page in landscape to properly display all information.