New Course Evaluation System Project

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The main course evaluation system at UF—GatorRater--needs updating. The questions date from the Board of Regents in the 1990s, and the program software is nearing 10 years old. There are excellent commercial software products available that work with Canvas. We are taking this opportunity to update the questions as well as the system. 

To facilitate this process, the Provost’s Office has been working with the Faculty Senate to gather and sift information on potential evaluation questions and software products. As a next step, a Task Force (listed below) will seek input from faculty regarding both the questions and three commercially-available products that work with Canvas. Our goals are to:

(1) maintain a course evaluation system useful for both instructor feedback and personnel evaluations;

(2) adopt a product that will provide a user-friendly, flexible experience for faculty and students;

(3) create course evaluations that better reflect the different instructional modalities now in use; and

(4) make clear distinctions between evaluations of the course, the instructor, and the student.

The new course evaluation system will have three main categories (course evaluation, instructor evaluation, and student self-evaluation) and three focused categories that can be used for specific purposes (supplemental questions, online/distance evaluation questions and lab/clinical evaluation questions).

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