Committee on Doctoral Education

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President Machen's Charge to the Committee:

The Board of Trustees has reaffirmed research and graduate education as UF’s primary emphases. These emphases, when coupled with our goal to maintain and improve our position as a top-ranked public university, suggest an examination of UF’s doctoral programs, including their successes, reputations, and productivity. 

We are fortunate to have two detailed datasets to inform this examination. The first is the recently released NRC dataset. We also have the detailed dataset compiled last year by the Graduate School.

I ask the committee to use these datasets and other information that you may find appropriate to provide advice to the President, the Senior Vice Presidents and the Dean of the Graduate School about the following issues:

I also ask that you query campus doctoral programs about the following:

I thank you for your service on this important committee, and I ask that you report your findings to me by February 15, 2011.

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