Council On Diversity

Appointment:  By Vice President for Human Resource Services

Chair:  Appointed by Vice President for Human Resource Services


  1. Develop an action plan to assist the university in achieving its goals related to diversity.
  2. Provide input and broad oversight of the university's diversity efforts.
  3. View diversity from a broad perspective to the benefit of every member of the campus community.
  4. Recommend and implement diversity initiatives.
  5. Advise the Vice President for Human Resource Services on matters pertaining to the diversity of faculty, staff and students at the University of Florida.

Term:  2 years; 1 year - student

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Human Resource Services takes care of employment activities through careful study, training, and programs to support more than 22,000 employees; 4,000 of whom are students.

Diversity Statement

"Together we can accomplish academic excellence within our community, reflective of the rich culture and diversity of our state and nation." President Fuchs

The Institutional Equity & Diversity Office has the organizational structure to respond to the university’s vision for a diverse workforce and provide a highly inclusive perspective on university issues. University diversity efforts will be assimilated into the campus and surrounding communities; making the university partner with other stakeholders interested in the quality of campus life. This will be accomplished in part through the efforts of the Council on Diversity. The council’s constellation will have campus-wide representation.

We are conducting timely investigations, examining equal opportunity reporting and administrative policies to set new strategies for a positive impact on diversity and the elimination of discrimination of any kind in the workplace or classroom.

Diversity activities will be made familiar to our entire community through heterogeneous discourse, administrative and managerial outreach, conferences, publications and electronic communications. The EEO office takes responsibility for the coordinated united efforts of key players at UF with responsibility for diversity among students, faculty and staff.

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